Terrestrial University: The Scientists for Future Karlsruhe

Co-operating with S4F@Karlsruhe

Co-operating with S4F@Karlsruhe
Co-operating with S4F@Karlsruhe

Scientists for Future (short: S4F) is a non–institutional, non–partisan and interdisciplinary association of scientists who are committed to a sustainable future globally, nationally, but above all locally – in Karlsruhe. 

As time is pressing in the face of the historically unprecedented climate, biodiversity and sustainability crisis, scientists at the universities in and around Karlsruhe are raising their voices publicly and proactively, thereby contributing to objective political discussions.

The Karlsruhe chapter brings together scientists from various disciplines (climate research, sustainable innovation research, engineering sciences, sociology, geography/didactics and climate policy), who in their daily work deal with questions concerning crises in the critical zone. 

During the event, 4 scientists present the initiative, give insights into current research and its application, answer questions and look forward to discussions.



Karlsruhe without cars: Why and how?
Dr. Jonathan Köhler, Competence Center »Sustainability and Infrastructure Systems«, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, Karlsruhe

You can't make deals with physics! Climate change in the (mass) media debate
Dr. Eva Nöthen, Research Unit »Geography and its Didactics«, Institute for Human Geography, Department of Earth Sciences/Geography, Goethe University, Frankfurt a.M.

How will the energy supply look like in the future?
Dr. Volker Stelzer, Research Group »Sustainability and Societal Transformation«, Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), KIT, Karlsruhe

It's not too late: How to raise awareness of climate change in schools
Dipl.-Päd. Michael Zonsius, »Team trainings – Experience–oriented seminars – Sustainable impulses (TEN)«, Karlsruhe