The Tribunal: Ben Kiernan

The World History of Genocide

The World History of Genocide
19.06.2015 to 21.06.2015
The GLOBALE begins with a tribunal at which the 20th century will be tried for its transgressions and crimes against humanity, animals, and nature. Indictments will be sought for genocide such as the Holocaust, the exploitation of the Earth, and the extermination of the animal world by humans. With a conference, a panorama-screen installation, and a film program, the tribunal will present a critical review of the 20th century, a “century of extremes” (Eric Hobsbawm, 1994) and declining inhibition.

Video Documentary:
ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: Sarah Binder, Martina Rotzal
Live Editing: Moritz Büchner
Editing: Sarah Binder