William Kentridge | More Sweetly Play the Dance

A large-scale panoramic projection

A large-scale panoramic projection
09.09.2016 to 08.01.2017

The large-scale panoramic projection More Sweetly Play the Dance by South African artist William Kentridge features a procession of shadowy figures accompanied by the sounds of a brass band. Dancing skeletons are evocative of a medieval danse macabre. Workers waving flags and carrying banners evoke associations with political demonstrations. Musicians and dancing priests are reminiscent of religious processions. The procession of people, almost collapsing under the weight of their baggage and belongings and walking towards an unknown future and all too often towards Death, resembles, not least, the images of refugees that we are currently encountering on a daily basis. The motif of the procession thus becomes a universal symbol for movement, the course of history, political change as well as the moving masses of refugees worldwide.

Alongside the superposition of the media drawing, shadow theatre, performance, dance, music, film, and projection Kentridge uses, for the first time in his artistic work, computer animation in More Sweetly Play the Dance.

The work was created in response to an invitation by and with support from lichtsicht - Projection Biennale and EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam.

Please Note: Between the 20.09.2016 and the 22.09.2016, the work will not be seen.