Yu-Jung Chen: Lightscape of the Silence

Giga-Hertz Award 2022 for electronic music and sound art

Giga-Hertz Award 2022 for electronic music and sound art
Giga-Hertz Award 2022 for electronic music and sound art

Yu-Jung Chen »Lightscape of the Silence«, (2022)   13’
for fixed media & video

As part of a two-day event, the ZKM | Karlsruhe and SWR EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO will present the 2022 Giga-Hertz Award for Electronic Music and Sound Art (€ 25,000)—the fifteenth time the honor will be bestowed.

In addition to the main prize, two production prizes will also be awarded. This year is the first time that the new PopExperimental Advancement Award, donated by the ZKM/HfG e. V. association, will honor experimental electronic pop and club music.

The Giga-Hertz Award is named in honor of the world-famous physicist Heinrich Hertz (1857–1894), who discovered electromagnetic waves during his tenure at the Karlsruher Technische Universität (today the KIT) in the late nineteenth century. The award was instituted on the initiative of the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

The award winners

This year, the main prize of € 10,000 for lifetime achievement goes to Argentine composer Daniel Teruggi. Taiwanese sound and multimedia artist Yu-Jung Chen and Peter Gahn, who has been researching and teaching as Professor of Composition/New Media/Sound Studies at the Nuremberg University of Music since 2015, receive the Giga-Hertz Production Awards (€ 5,000 each). The new PopExperimental Advancement Award (€ 5,000) goes to the Ugandan collective Nyege Nyege. Oslo-based Hungarian sound tinkerer Bálint Laczkó, Colombian sound and media artist Claudia Robles-Angel, and U.S. composer Timothy Roy are recognized with honorable mentions.