Blue sky with the right tip of the ZKM-building and left a small part of the cube


We would like to pay our last respects here to ZKM's companions and artists who left us far too early, and look back on their work.

Artikel der Rubrik

In memory of Christian Boltanski, whose outstanding installations and other works addressed oblivion and remembrance.
ZKM mourns the loss of a pioneer of new media and an artist of unforgettable kinetic sculptures.
In memory of Friederike Mayröcker, one of the most important German-language authors of her generation.
Thoughts on the death of Gene Youngblood
ZKM mourns the death of one of the most outstanding personalities in artistic and scientific microphotography. Herbert W. Franke has written the obituary.
A Farewell to Leonardo Mosso, a gifted architect and installation artist