Birk Schmithüsen

Portrait of Birk Schmithüsen

ArtesMobiles was founded by Nina Maria Stemberger (performance) and Birk Schmithüsen (media artist) and has been producing forward-looking performances since 2013. They are looking for ways to dissolve academic categories and break down the boundaries between conceptual art, theater and technology. ArtesMobiles produces across genres and extends the performing arts with new media to create experiences, social experiments and performative installations.

Birk Schmithüsen is a media artist living in Leipzig, Germany. In his work he explores new technologies that influence our daily lives. He is interested in the actual functionality hidden in a black box behind the simple user interface. In aesthetic experiments, Schmithüsen explores imperceptible, abstract concepts such as machine learning (AI) and Big Data as artistic media. The research results are staged in immersive media installations. Between explanatory approaches by means of data visualization, abstract, aesthetic reuse of new technologies and speculative concepts, he opens new perspectives on current topics of digitalization. He holds a degree in Fine Arts and was awarded an EMAP/EMARE grant. His work has been shown internationally at major media art festivals in France, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Germany, including re:public, Chaos Communication Congress, Ars Electronica and ZKM.