Two young men can be seen. One in a blue shirt, the other in a white tahir and dark jacket.

The claim of Erdmännchen&Bär is: »Digital learning - for everyone«. Digitalisation offers new access to education and culture, but at the same time holds the risk of new barriers. We are actively breaking down barriers in the digital space and utilising the opportunities to generate access to independent learning. In this way, we want to help enable equal participation in digital learning for people with different needs. We have been developing inclusive and digital education programmes for six years. We specialise in the development and production of websites, (interactive) learning media and learning environments. We also provide training and counselling. In order to create customised offers, users are an active part of the development process right from the start. We are delighted to have been recognised by Medien- und Film GmbH Baden-Württemberg for our work and our approach with the Ideenstark Award 2021.