Exhibition »Datumsoria: The Return of the Real«

09.09.2017 - 18.03.2018

A neologism, »Datumsoria« conjugates »datum« and »sensoria«, denoting a new perceptual space immanent to the information age. »Datumsoria: The Return of the Real« is a considerably expanded version of the eponymous exhibition previously mounted at Chronus Art Center in Shanghai.

The exhibition is an outcome of the »Art&Tech@« research program conceived and curated by ZHANG Ga, which aims, through resuscitating the valuable legacy of experiments in art and technology from the mid-twentieth century, to meet with the challenges of a technologically constructed timespace: a new reality that has altogether changed the rules of the game in work and play, in politics and economics, and in artistic imagination and cultural sensibility.

The press conference will take place on Thur, 07.09.2017 at 11.00 am.

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