Exhibition »The Art of Immersion III. Inside Tumucumaque.»

06.04.2018 - 27.05.2018

How does a poison dart frog perceive its surroundings? What does it feel like to be a caiman lying in wait for prey? The Inside Tumucumaque interactive virtual reality installation allows visitors to slip into the role of an Amazonian rain forest inhabitant and explore the unique ecosystem of the Tumucumaque nature reserve situated in northeastern Brazil from the perspective of the animals living there. With the help of ultraviolet color spectra, movements in super slow motion, visualizations of sonar localization as well as colored night vision and spatial 3D sound, the animals’ perception is interpreted into a sensory experience that can be understood by the human perceptual system. The Virtual Reality Experience, which fills the entire ZKM_atrium, is incorporated into the The Art of Immersion exhibition series, which is dedicated to the transforming experience of reality through immersive digital visualization systems.


Using the latest virtual reality options, science and research can now be turned into a sensory experience by being immersed in realistic simulated environments. The installation created as an immersive mediation format by the Interactive Media Foundation in cooperation with FILMTANK, Artificial Rome and the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin arouses curiosity and interest in scientific knowledge and contributes to a deeper understanding of the endangered biodiversity on our Earth.

A warm welcome to the press review on April 6, 2018 at 11 a.m. The following will be available to talk to: Diana Schniedermeier (Executive Producer Interactive Media Foundation), Ina Krüger (Creative Producer Interactive Media Foundation), Michael Grotenhoff (Produzent FILMTANK), Patrik de Jong (Creative Director Artificial Rome), Peter Weibel (ZKM artistic, academic board) and Philipp Ziegler (Head of ZKM curatorial department).