Reopening of the exhibition »zkm_gameplay: the next level« with a new »spotlight«: Eco Games


The image shows a clip from the video game "Walden a Game". You can see a wide lake with trees at its edge. On the left are stones piled up to form a meditative sculpture

At last games are back! On July 28, 2021 the ZKM reopened its popular gaming platform »zkm_gameplay: the next level« to visitors. In the interim, the time was used to present a new theme in »level 5: in the spotlight«, which addresses topical concerns and debates: »Eco Games« introduces games that concentrate on the relationship between Serious Games and the environment.

Under the heading Eco Games, video games are presented that focus on ecological issues: How can we prevent our environment being destroyed and Planet Earth becoming uninhabitable for us? Here »zkm_gameplay: the next level« takes up themes that are discussed in the current ZKM exhibition »Critical Zones: Observatories for Earthly Politics«.

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