The creative space of the Museum Communication

Our BÄM room with many kids, that are standing around the tables.

The Museum Communication stands for innovative and interdisciplinary art education and functions as an interface between the ZKM and its visitors.

With the increasing merging of the worlds of art and science and the movement towards a maker culture which is also evident in the ZKM exhibitions, the staff from ZKM | Museum Communication wants to convey these contents on a sustainable and exciting basis as part of a dialog with the visitors. Since November 20, 2015, a special space has been available at the ZKM for this very purpose: BÄM.

BÄM is a participatory workshop in the midst of the ZKM exhibitions. A space for you, for digital and analog »making«, creative thinking, acting, developing and trying out!
BÄM is a place that breaks new ground in mediation and promotes media competence: BÄM – Be A Maker – Brain Action Media – Bildung Ändert Meinung [Education Changes Opinion] – Be A Mediaartist... Be part of #zkmBÄM!
With the increasing fusion of art and science as well as the movement of society towards a maker culture, BÄM wants to convey these contents in a sustainable and exciting dialogue with our visitors.

BÄM: Be A Maker – Brain Action Media – Building Advances Meaning – Be A Media Artist – ...

… these just a few definitions that describe the space that has been created especially for the program. BÄM is a kind of open workshop and invites you to »make things« on a digital and analog basis. The space is open to new contents and target groups, it adopts new methods of learning, and it helps to develop expertise for new artistic media. It is a place where children, youngsters and young adults are inspired and invited to engage in creative thinking, to take action, to develop their skills and to try out new things in the midst of the exhibitions and the works of art.

The creative space of the Museum Communication

BÄM is a maker space, an »open workshop«, a place where you are creative together, create something... digital and or analog – the perfect combination of art, science and technology.