GLOBALE: Impressions

The New Art Event in the Digital Age

Black pixels, which condense inside. In the middle is »GLOBALE« written
A man, wrapped in cling film, can be seen.
Mirai Moriyama: »Upload a new mind to the body«, 2016. In the exhibition »New Sensorium«.

For the FINALE of the GLOBALE, April 14–17, 2016, we ask with Bruno Latour, Yuko Hasegawa and their exhibitions: What remains of the Modernity? How will we survive/live?

A taut sheet on which a pile of earth is being illuminated.
Fabien Giraud, »Tout monument est une quarantaine (Minamisōma – Fukushima District – Japan)«, 2012–2014. In the Exhibition »Reset Modernity!«.

See how Asian and Arabic artists question the relationships between material, information and our own physicality in the exhibition »New Sensorium«. Experiment with the opportunities to »Reset Modernity!« in a so called Gedankenausstellung. Learn about your own use – and the use of others – dealing with your data in »GLOBAL CONTROL AND CENSORSHIP«: How do data determine our daily lives? How are they controlled and misused?

A gilded Surveillance Camera
Halil Altındere, »Mobese«, »GLOBAL CONTROL AND CENSORSHIP«

An actual cloud in the ZKM museum? An uprooted house suspended by a crane in Karlsruhe city center? A dress from bacteria? A yogurt made from human enzymes? A plastic-digesting organism in the ocean? This was the beginning of the GLOBALE! Spectacular installations, innovative works of art at the interface of natural science, performances, concerts, lectures and conferences followed on 300 days of GLOBALE – The New Art Event in the Digital Age.

 Researchers in front of an apparartus
Maja Smrekar, »Hu.M.C.C. (Human Molecular Colonization Capacity)«, »Exo-Evolution«

What? When? How?

From June 19, 2015 till April 17, 2016, the ZKM offers exhibitions and events on central twenty-first century themes: globalization and digitalization. The new art format thematizes their effects and shows the decisive tendencies of the twenty-first century by way of the most recent art productions that go beyond the art market.

There can be no doubt about it – it’s definitely worth a visit! For our guests within Germany there is also a fabulous, low-cost Deutsche Bahn Travel Deal that will take you to the GLOBALE!

Person in front of a projection
Marc Lee, »10.000 Moving Cities«, »Infosphere«
  • GLOBALE: Spectacular Art!

    In exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures, symposia and conferences the themes of the GLOBALE will be developed in performances...

  • GLOBALE: Projects

    Different projects were realized in the context of the GLOBALE...


    Various artists and curators occur together in dialogue and illuminate globalization and digitalization from different angles...

  • GLOBALE: Mediation Program

    At 300 days, the GLOBALE offers a polyphonic program of workshops, events, guided tours...

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