The Award Winners


The AppArtAward honors apps that represent advanced artistic applications. Besides artistic aspects the creative integration as well as the use of options offered by new technologies is important.

Since the launch of the AppArtAward in 2011 several hundred apps have been received for the competition from developers in 44 countries on all continents. The aim: to establish the app as a new art form.




Prize for AppARTivism
David Colombini (London)
»Polluted Selfie«, 2017

Prize for Sound Art
Jakob Gruhl and Stephan Kloß (Halle/Saale)
»Mazetools Soniface«, 2017

Prize for Game Art
Shelly Robin Alon (Hamburg)
»Glitchskier«, 2017

Prize for Sound Art
Max Mörtl (Hamburg)
»Visual Beat«, 2015



Special Prize for Connected Art
Joanna Dauner (Berlin)
»Sacrificium«, 2016

Special Prize for Sharing
Sammy Schuckert (Wiesloch)
»thangs«, 2016

Special Prize for Art + Experience
Fabian Schaub, Thomas Krüger (Ludwigsburg)
»Mimics«, 2016

Special Prize for Virtual Reality
Sascha Haus (Cologne)
»Raum«, 2016


Prize for Artistic Innovation
Mandy Mozart, Fader, Gabriel Fioretti, Janik Hotz, Ali Chibli (Berlin, Los Angeles)
»EDMT«, 2015

Special Prize for Crowd Art
Michael Volkmer (Scholz & Volkmer, Wiesbaden)
»Radwende«, 2015

Special Prize for Game Art
Philipp Stollenmayer (Mannheim)
»Sometimes You Die«, 2014

Special Prize for Sound Art
Chris Carlson (USA)
»Borderlands Granular«, 2015


Prize for Artistic Innovation
Jussi Ängeslevä, Philipp Bosch, Ross Cooper, Danqing Shi  (Finland, Berlin, London, Peking)
»Last Clock«, 2011

Special Prize for Crowd Art
Daniel Becker, Michael König, David Murmann, Alexander Rechberg, Adrian Rennertz (Cologne)
»LASACT«, 2013

Special Prize for Art and Science
Ernst Uys (South Africa)
»Sablo«, 2014

Special Prize for Sound Art
Gaël Bertrand, Gaëtan Libertiaux (Belgium)
»Geometric Music«, 2014


Prize for Artistic Innovation
JODI, Joan Heemskerk, Dirk Paesmans (Netherlands)
»ZYX«, 2012

Special Prize for Crowd Art
Andrew Bluff (Australia)
»Mobile Phone Orchestra«, 2012 

Special Prize for Augmented Reality Art
Kei Shiratori, Takeshi Mukai, Younghyo Bak (Japan)
»ARART«, 2013




Prize for Artistic Innovation
Jörg Piringer (Austria)
»konsonant«, 2012

Special Prize for Game Art
Students of the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg,
Mayor field of Study: Interactive Media
»Globosome FREE«, 2012

Special Prize for Cloud Art
Scott Draves (USA)
»Electric Sheep (Infinite Evolving Live Wallpaper)«, 2012




Prize for Technical Innovation
Scott Snibbe (USA), Lukas Girling (UK)
»OscilloScoop«, 2011

Prize for Artistic Innovation
Rainer Kohlberger (Austria)
»field«, 2011

Junior Prize
Mike Wong (Switzerland)
»School Helper«, 2011