Bernd Lintermann


"TRACES" by Bernd Lintermann. A person can be seen in front of a screen on which lines of different colors are displayed. In front of the person is also a touchscreen display on which there are also lines.
Bernd Lintermann

LiDAR in the exhibition – a ZKM project

Throughout the exhibition space, a number of small black LiDAR sensors are mounted on the walls. The LiDAR sensors (“Light Detection and Ranging”) emit an infrared laser beam in a circular pattern, which enables them to measure the distance to surrounding objects. By combining several sensors dotted around the exhibition space, moving objects can – to a certain extent – be tracked through several rooms.

As part of »«, a project ZKM conducts together with Deutsches Museum Nürnberg, productive uses of this technology for the benefit of artists, curators, and visitors are being explored. The versatile tool has been under development since 2022 with the goal of optimizing the ZKM’s infrastructure. For instance, the installation »Wissensfeld« uses position tracking to show visitors certain topics related to the exhibition. The sensors also contribute to an energy-efficient use of technology by determining when certain video and sound elements of the exhibition can be temporarily deactivated. All in all, the sensors installed throughout the exhibition space consume about 100 W of energy, which is roughly equivalent to two incandescent light bulbs.

Data protection notice: No biometric or personal data is recorded by the sensors. They merely detect anonymous information about non-continuous movements within the exhibition space. Data privacy is maintained.

Concept and development: Bernd Lintermann; content advisor and lead producer: Marc Schütze; technical consultant: Christian Lölkes; technical support: Jakob Schreiber, Johannes Jensen; installation: Felix Pausch, Niklas Wallbaum, Fabian Krüger; design: Matthias Gommel, Nico Trautwein; production: ZKM | Hertz-Lab, ZKM | Museum Technology; implemented as part of the project »«; with support from the program Kultur Digital of the German Federal Culture Foundation; with support from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.