Bernd Lintermann


two-part representation of a woman with VR glasses in a room
Bernd Lintermann
#Escapism #HMD #ComputerSimulatedEnvironments
Medium / Material / Technic
interactive installation for VR headset

At the exhibition from March 21, 2018 to June 2, 2019

Currently, one of the much discussed developments in the field of digital media is virtual reality. In the 1990s, the concept of computer-generated reality, which had already been developed in the 1960s, was hyped to such an extent that it also reached a nonprofessional audience. The idea of diving into a nonexistent reality, and thus implicitly denying ›real‹ reality, elicited many types of reactions, from euphoria to rejection. The state of technology at that time, however, did not live up to people's expectations of VR. In the meantime the advanced quality of image and tracking technology enables such a high degree of immersion that viewers experience themselves and their bodies as a natural part of the virtual scenery. Whereas with traditional media the observer's body is located in front of the image, in virtual reality it is experienced as part of the action. »VRMe« thematizes this new corporeality by confronting the viewers with various representations of their bodies in virtual reality. According to recent scientific findings, this new corporeality significantly contributes to the manipulability of users, for example, for medical purposes but also for marketing purposes and political ends.


Production of the ZKM_Hertz-Lab