Peter Weibel, Christian Lölkes

Wissensfeld [knowledge base]

You can see several people on a black surface. On this surface there are words. Around the people are white circles. In the background are two screens.
Peter Weibel, Christian Lölkes
Wissensfeld [knowledge base]
2023 – ongoing
Medium / Material / Technic
Interactive installation Texts with: ChatGPT

The contents of the knowledge base were selected by Peter Weibel based on the exhibition »Renaissance 3.0« and his long-lasting interest in the productive connections between art and science. In the spirit of an alliance between humans and machines, the short texts were written with the help of Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) – an artificial intelligence. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, more terms and further explanations are being added.

The interactive knowledge base is inspired by the idea of a digital library or a giant book that visitors can enter and explore new concepts. As an artistic project, it visualizes the diversity and vastness of the continuously growing body of knowledge – and the fact that it is impossible to capture all at once. The images and short German-language explanations that make up the contents of the knowledge base are oriented along the concepts, works, and tools of the exhibition.

Idea: Peter Weibel
Technical concept and software development: Christian Lölkes
Project and content management: Nina Liechti
Project team: Katharina Kern, Marijn Bril, Lea Nohr, Antonia Vogel, ZKM Team
LiDAR-Tracking: Bernd Lintermann
Technical project management: Marc Schütze
Production: ZKM | Karlsruhe
Special thanks to: Bazon Brock