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The facade of the ZKM mirrored in the blue glass panes of the ZKM_Cube..
Visitors at the ZKM_Foyer
 An aquarium in the exhibition »Reset Modernity!«
 Various publications of the ZKM
Coffee from a machine into a cup
A speaking man stands in front of a large photography
A flower and other forms appear on a picture using a flashlight and longterm exposure.
Several pople at the opening of the cloudscapes exhibition

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The ZKM | Karlsruhe is both a museum and also a center for research and production center. It was the first museum to exhibit and collect art spanning all media and genres, from painting through to App Art, sculpture to performance, installation to dance, photography through to video, film to computer art, and acousmatic music through to Sound Art. The center remains, to date, the only cultural center to systematically address the interlinking of research and production, exhibitions and events, and archive and collection.

Through multiple of exhibitions and events held throughout the year, the ZKM provides insights into the range of projects developed at the ZKM, cultural history, and also cutting-edge developments in art, music, culture, politics, economy, and technology.


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