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Computeranimation: A street connects two big rocks

Infosphere (Opening)

Fri, 04.09.2015 7 pm, ZKM_Foyer


We cordially inivite you to the opening of the exhibition »Infosphere«.

With what challenges do the new technologies confront us? The human being has been living in an infosphere ever since the discovery of magnetism, electricity, electro-magnetic waves and radio technology. For the cohabitation of human beings as social beings, both the atmosphere and the infosphere are indispensable. Today, algorithms – from the stock market through to airports – are fundamental elements of our social order.

Speakers include

  • Peter Friedrich, Minister for the Bundesrat, Europe and International Affairs in Baden-Württemberg
  • Dr. Susanne Asche, Head of the Cultural Office
  • Peter Weibel, Curator of the exhibition and CEO of the ZKM
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