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Bernd Lintermann

Year of birth, place
1967, Düsseldorf, Germany
lives and works in
Karlsruhe, Germany
Role at the ZKM
Guest Artist, Guest Scholar, Artist of the Collection
Institute / Department
Institute for Visual Media
At the ZKM

    Gastkünstler und Gastwissenschaftler
    Mitarbeiter Institut für Bildmedien
    Leitung Institut für Bildmedien (2005–2011)
    Mitarbeiter Institut für Bildmedien


Bernd Lintermann works as artist and scientist in the field of real time computer graphics with a strong focus on interactive and generative systems. The results of his research are applied in the scientific, creative and commercial context.
His body of work spans more than fifteen years and includes prints, interactive installations, projection environments and stage performances combining generative imagery and sound. His works have been exhibited in museums and festivals all over the world like the ICC InterCommunication Center in Tokyo, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, ISEA, DEAF and the Ars Electronica Festival. He worked with internationally renowned artists, like Jeffrey Shaw, Bill Viola, Peter Weibel and the »Wooster Group«, and created works for various display environments like the »CAVE™«, the »EVE Dome« and panoramic projection environments. He is presently engaged in the development of Augmented Reality for mobile end devices to provide access to digital contents in a public environment.
He has published various scientific papers including »SIGGRAPH« and is cofounder of the company greenworks which distributes his software development »Xfrog«, a procedural organic modeling and animation system used in the entertainment industry and by various animation companies including Electronic Arts, Lucas Digital and Digital Domain and has been recently used in movies like »Avatar« and »Alice in Wonderland«. 2005 to 2011 he was head of the Institute for Visual media at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. Since 2006 he is professor at the State University of Design, Media and Arts in Karlsruhe. Since 2012 he is Adjunct Professor at the School of Creative Media at the City University, Hong Kong.
[Last update: 2012]

  • Cover der Publikation »Surrogate 1«
    • Surrogate 1
    • 1998
    • Exhibition brochure
    • Language: German and English
  • Cover der Publikation »Future Cinema«
    • Jeffrey Shaw and Peter Weibel (Eds.)
    • Future Cinema
    • MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2003
    • Exhibition catalog
    • Language: English
    • One aspect of our globalization is the development of a worldwide network of technological standards and production, distribution, and presentation norms necessary in order to recoup, via distribution to the mass global market, vastly increased...

  • Cover der Publikation »Meisterwerke der Medienkunst aus der ZKM-Sammlung«
  • Cover der Publikation »Web of Life«
    • Michael Gleich and Jeffrey Shaw (Eds.)
    • Web of Life
    • 2004
    • Anthology
    • “The theory of networks and networking is providing us with radical new insights into the underlying processes of nature, economy, and society.” 

      That was the starting point of Web of Life, a multidisciplinary project linking art with...

  • Cover der Publikation »Medien Kunst Netz 2 / Media Art Net 2«
    • Rudolf Frieling and Dieter Daniels (Eds.)
    • Medien Kunst Netz 2 / Media Art Net 2
    • Springer, Wien und New York, 2005
    • Anthology
    • Language: German and English
    • http://www.mediaartnet.org

      Current discourses of media art in an international context: a book to accompany the online platform »Media Art Net«. A network of curators and writers explore seminal...

  • Cover der Publikation »La rivoluzione algoritmica«
  • Cover der Publikation »You_ser«
    • You_ser
    • 2007
    • Exhibition brochure
    • Language: German
  • Cover der Publikation »You_ser (English)«
  • Cover der Publikation » Notation«
  • Cover der Publikation »The Global Contemporary and the Rise of the New Art Worlds«
    • Hans Belting, Andrea Buddensieg and Peter Weibel (Eds.)
    • The Global Contemporary and the Rise of the New Art Worlds
    • MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2013
    • Exhibition catalog, Anthology
    • Language: English
    • The geography of the visual arts changed with the end of the Cold War. Contemporary art was no longer defined, exhibited, interpreted, and acquired according to a blueprint drawn up in New York, London, Paris, or Berlin. The art world distributed...

  • Cover der Publikation »Digital Art Conservation«
    • Bernhard Serexhe (Ed.)
    • Digital Art Conservation
    • Ambra V, Wien, 2013
    • Anthology
    • Language: German
    • Are you born-digital? This could be the ultimate, decisive question in the future when it comes to preserving and making the art of our time accessible for future generations. This book presents the results of the »digital art conservation«...

  • Cover der Publikation »Digital Art Conservation (English)«
    • Bernhard Serexhe (Ed.)
    • Digital Art Conservation (English)
    • Ambra V, Wien, 2013
    • Anthology
    • Language: English
    • Are you born-digital? This could be the ultimate, decisive question in the future when it comes to preserving and making the art of our time accessible for future generations. This book presents the results of the »digital art conservation«...

  • Cover der Publikation »Digital Art Conservation (français)«
    • Bernhard Serexhe (Ed.)
    • Digital Art Conservation (français)
    • Ambra V, Wien, 2013
    • Anthology
    • Language: French
    • Are you born-digital? Telle sera la question décisive à l’avenir lorsqu’il s’agira d’exposer et conserver l’art de notre temps. Cette publication présente les résultats du projet »digital art conservation« initié en 2010 par le ZKM | Centre d’Art...

  • Cover der Publikation »Molecular Aesthetics«
    • Peter Weibel and Ljiljana Fruk (Eds.)
    • Molecular Aesthetics
    • MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2013
    • Anthology, Conference proceedings
    • Language: English
    • Thanks to recent advances in molecular science and nanotechnology, we are now able to transcend the limits of natural perception and see layers of matter previously invisible to the naked eye. This book documents both the aesthetic and cognitive...

  • Cover der Publikation »Jetzt – oder wahrscheinlich ist dies mein Alltag, in der Verwirrung der Orte und der Augenblicke«
  • Cover der Publikation »New Screen Media«
    • Martin Rieser and Andrea Zapp (Eds.)
    • New Screen Media
    • British Film Institute, London, 2002
    • Anthology, CD-ROM/DVD
    • Language: English
    • The advent of new media presents a serious challenge to our understanding of visual representation, of narrative and indeed the whole art of the moving image. New narrative forms in hypertext, multimedia, computer games, interactive broadcast and...

  • Cover der Publikation »Future Cinema«
  • Screenshot der Oberfläche
    • Karlsruhe Maptory – A Digital Enactment in the City
    • ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, 2015
    • App
    • Language: German
    • The app »Karlsruhe Maptory – A digital Enactment in the City« guides its users through the inner city of Karlsruhe on the trail of important figures in the city’s history. More than 30 locations, stories or musical events connected with Karlsruhe...

  • Screenshot der App »Motion Picture 2.0«
    • Bernd Lintermann, Johannes Degenhard, Matti Kunstek
    • Motion Picture 2.0
    • ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, 2014
    • App
    • Language: German and English
    • »Motion Picture 2.0« stands for a new kind of video recording, which alters the relation of viewing images and films.

      In addition to image and sound, the App saves the camera movements during filming. The novel features of the videos of...

  • Screenshots der App »ZKM Flashback«
    • Peter Weibel, Bernd Lintermann
    • ZKM Flashback
    • 2014
    • App
    • Language: English
    • The »ZKM Flashback« App conveys the 25 year history of the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe via video clips.

      The videos overlay the live image of the camera of the mobile device and, if the device is held at eye level, the first...

  • Schwarze Fläche mit schematischer Darstellung von Molekülen.
    • Ljiljana Fruk, Bernd Lintermann
    • Molecules that Changed the World
    • ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe, 2016
    • App
    • Language: Croatian, English and German
    • The »Molecules that Changed the World« app is meant to convey the scientific facts and interesting stories of molecules that changed our culture, course of civilization and in short, the world. Among the represented molecules are such basic...

  • Blaues Cover mit weißer Schrift.
    • Fundaçâo Eugénio de Almeida (Ed.)
    • Inter[in]venção / Inter[in]vention
    • 2013
    • Exhibition catalog
    • Language: English and Portuguese
    • Peter Weibel O museu: entre a Arca de Noé e o hedge fund / The Museum: Between Noah's Ark and Hedge Fund 9
      Claudia Giannetti Inter[in]venção...
  • Schwarze Titelseite mit pink und weißer Schrift. Weiße Codes im Hintergrund.
    • Peter Weibel (ed.)
    • Open Codes. Living in digital worlds
    • ZKM⎪Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe, 2017
    • Exhibition brochure
    • Language: German
    • ___________________________

      Table of contents

      Editorial 2: Peter Weibel 2
      Open Codes 101: Exhibition Manual
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