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Enrico Castellani

Year of birth, place
1930, Castelmassa, Italy

Enrico Castellani studied at the Académie Royale des Beaux Arts in Brussels (1952–1956). 1959 co-founder with Piero Manzoni and Agostino Bonalumi of magazine »Azimuth« and Galleria Azimut.
Exhib.: 1960, »La nuova concezione artistica«, Galleria Azimut, Milan. 1964, Venice Biennale. 1965, »The Responsive Eye«, The Museum of Modern Art, New York. 1966, Venice Biennale.


  • Cover der Publikation »Materialbild / Material picture / Immagine materiale«
    • Peter Weibel (Ed.)
    • Materialbild / Material picture / Immagine materiale
    • Silvana, Milano, 2009
    • Exhibition catalog, Anthology
    • Language: German, English and Italian
    • In the wake of the „material culture“ of the Constructivists and the „Poly-materialism“ of the Futurists, a conception of the image and painting had already developed in the 1920s, which refrained from using oil paints and canvas. Then, in the...

  • A Little-Known Story About a Movement, a Magazine, and the Computer's Arrival in Art
  • Buchcover mit einem Ausschnitt von Fernand Legers Gemälde »Constructeurs« (1951)
    • Eckhart Gillen, Peter Weibel (eds.)
    • Art in Europe 1945–1968. Facing the Future
    • Lannoo, Tielt, 2016
    • Exhibition catalog
    • Language: English
    • The Second World War also shattered the art world. Facing the Future: Art in Europe 1945-1968 shows how such artists as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Ossip Zadkine, Henry Moore, Renato Guttuso, Fernand Léger, Yves Klein, Gerhard Richter and...

  • Gelbe Titelseite mit einer blau, weiß und gelben Erdkugel. Weiße und blaue Schrift.
    • Peter Weibel (ed.)
    • Art in Europe 1945 – 1968. The Continent that the EU Does Not Know
    • ZKM⎪Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe, 2017
    • Exhibition catalog
    • Language: English
    • This brochure is published on the occasion of the exhibition »Facing the Future: Art in Europe 1945-1968«, organised by the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels (BOZAR), ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, State Museum Exhibition Centre ROSIZO...

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