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Le Corbusier

  • Cover der Publikation »100 Masterpieces aus der Sammlung des Vitra Design Museums«
    • Alexander von Vegesack, Peter Dunas and Mathias Schwartz-Clauss (Eds.)
    • 100 Masterpieces aus der Sammlung des Vitra Design Museums
    • 1996
    • CD-ROM/DVD
    • Language: German
    • The collection of the Vitra Design Museum comprises more than 7000 pieces of furniture and is one of the most significant of its kind. This CD-ROM was created in conjunction with an international traveling exhibition. One hundred key pieces of...

  • Cover der Publikation »Medien Kunst Netz 2 / Media Art Net 2«
    • Rudolf Frieling and Dieter Daniels (Eds.)
    • Medien Kunst Netz 2 / Media Art Net 2
    • Springer, Wien und New York, 2005
    • Anthology
    • Language: German and English
    • http://www.mediaartnet.org

      Current discourses of media art in an international context: a book to accompany the online platform »Media Art Net«. A network of curators and writers explore seminal...

  • Cover der Publikation »Atlas«
  • Buchcover mit einem Ausschnitt von Fernand Legers Gemälde »Constructeurs« (1951)
    • Eckhart Gillen, Peter Weibel (eds.)
    • Art in Europe 1945–1968. Facing the Future
    • Lannoo, Tielt, 2016
    • Exhibition catalog
    • Language: English
    • The Second World War also shattered the art world. Facing the Future: Art in Europe 1945-1968 shows how such artists as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Ossip Zadkine, Henry Moore, Renato Guttuso, Fernand Léger, Yves Klein, Gerhard Richter and...

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