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founded in, place
2000, Karlsruhe, Germany
Role at the ZKM
Guest Artist
Institute / Department
Institute for Visual Media

robotlab works with industrial robots in public spaces. The artist group, founded at the beginning of 2000 by Matthias Gommel, Martina Richter (aka Martina Haitz) and Jan Zappe, develops experimental labs, performances and installations to explore the complex relationship between man and machine.

The specific qualities of the robots' movement and their computer-based control offer multifaceted possibilities of depicting digital codes in real space. Through robotlab's projects, machines which are normally situated in special industrial spaces are integrated into the context of art, invading various fields like music, dance and science. The serially produced industrial robots represent a potential culture of robots where machines, as everyday appliances, will have an influence on our daily lives.


  • Cover der Publikation »Wolfgang von Kempelen. Mensch in der Maschine / Man in the Machine«
    • Bernhard Serexhe and Peter Weibel (Eds.)
    • Wolfgang von Kempelen. Mensch in der Maschine / Man in the Machine
    • Matthes & Seitz, Berlin, 2007
    • Exhibition catalog
    • Language: German and English
    • Das beseelte Bildnis und die sich selbst bewegende, intelligente Maschine sind zu allen Zeiten Faszinosum und Horrorvision zugleich gewesen. Seit mehr als zweihundert Jahren gab es keine einzige, die gleichzeitig im Kreise der Laien sowie...

  • Cover der Publikation »Medium Religion«
  • Cover der Publikation »Medium Religion«
    • Boris Groys and Peter Weibel (Eds.)
    • Medium Religion
    • Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2011
    • Exhibition catalog, Anthology
    • Language: English
    • The original media used by religions were scriptures and books. Today´s religions movements operate predominantly with images that can be produced and distributed by means of electronic picture media, such as video and television, for example, as...

  • Cover der Broschüre Exo-Evolution
    • Exo-Evolution
    • ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, 2015
    • Exhibition brochure
    • Language: German
    • The exhibition »Exo-Evolution« sets its focus on the artistic application of new technologies, offering views of the future and the past with its modules.

      With new tools and meta-tools, data and metadata, man creates a new exo-universe. By...

  • Cover der Zeitschrift »Kunstforum«: Zwei Personen stehen vor einer Projektion, die Sonnenerruptionen zeigt.
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