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Elke Reinhuber


Elke Reinhuber is imagining a life on the Holodeck, where we can simply explorealternative realities. When immersed herself for the first time in the panoramic photographs she had prepared for a 360° environment, she knew that the heydays of flat screens and static photographs on the wall were gone forever – photography was finally not longer constricted by the limitations of the frame. In her work she explores different modes of presentation and strategies of storytelling to emphasise the parallel existence of multiple truths of the here and now. In regard of the content, her interests concentrate currently on the correlation between decisions and emotions, while exploring different strategies of visualisation and presentation. Reinhuber researches and teaches at the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU Singapore and just completed her first immersive S3D video installation. She holds a PhD from UNSW Art and Design, Sydney and has been invited to speak at international conferences and to exhibit her work in renown institutions such as V&A Digital Futures, London, GRID Biennial Photofestival Amsterdam, Fotomuseum Winterthur or ZKM Karlsruhe.


  • Ein weißes Buchcover mit schwarzer Schrift und einem schwarzen Quadrat.
    • Felix Mittelberger, Sebastian Pelz, Margit Rosen and Anselm Franke (Eds.)
    • Maschinensehen
    • Spector Books, Leipzig, 2013
    • Exhibition catalog, Anthology
    • Language: German
    • Countless camera eyes and sensors are trained on the world today. They capture land masses and seafloors, the surfaces of plants, the bodies of humans and animals, and the composition of the atmosphere. Complex computation processes translate the...

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