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George Legrady

Year of birth, place
1950, Budapest, Hungary
Role at the ZKM
Guest Artist, Artist of the Collection
Institute / Department
Institute for Visual Media

George Legrady, MFA San Francisco Art Institute (1976). His early artistic work focused on the conceptual and semiotic analysis of the photographic image (1972-1986). First works in computer technology begun in 1986. His digital interactive installations exhibited internationally since the early 1990s in multiple venues from fine arts museums and galleries to alternative spaces, or engineering conferences, and public commissions.
Legrady's contribution to the digital media field has been in intersecting cultural content with data processing for socio-cultural narrative installations. His current work is in data visualization, robotic computational integrated photography, and digital visual ethnography.
Held professor positions at University of Western Ontario (1977-1981), California Institute of the Arts (1982-1984), University of Southern California (1984-1988), San Francisco State University (1989-1997), Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest (1994), Merz Akademie Stuttgart (1995-2000), UCLA (1998). Awards from Creative Capital Foundation; the Daniel Langlois Foundation for the Arts, Science and Technology; Canada Council for the Arts; National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Science Foundation.
Director of the Experimental Visualization Lab and Chair of the arts-engineering »Media Arts and Technology« PhD program at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
[Last update: 2013]

  • Cover der Publikation »Artintact 3«
    • Artintact 3
    • Cantz, Ostfildern, 1996
    • Anthology, CD-ROM/DVD
    • Language: German and English
    • »artintact« is an annual CD-ROM magazine in which the ZKM/Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe presents pioneering work in the field of interactive media art. The contributing artists Ken Feingold, Perry Hoberman and George Legrady have won renown...

  • Cover der Publikation »Hardware, Software, Artware«
    • Hardware, Software, Artware
    • Cantz, Ostfildern, 1997
    • Anthology
    • Language: German and English
    • Technologies have evolved at breathtaking speed over the past century - from the first simple applications to highly specialized solutions in the fields of business, medicine, science, research and art. Hardware - Software - ARTware is a...

  • Cover der Publikation »Future Cinema«
    • Jeffrey Shaw and Peter Weibel (Eds.)
    • Future Cinema
    • MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2003
    • Exhibition catalog
    • Language: English
    • One aspect of our globalization is the development of a worldwide network of technological standards and production, distribution, and presentation norms necessary in order to recoup, via distribution to the mass global market, vastly increased...

  • Cover der Publikation »Medien Kunst Netz 2 / Media Art Net 2«
    • Rudolf Frieling and Dieter Daniels (Eds.)
    • Medien Kunst Netz 2 / Media Art Net 2
    • Springer, Wien und New York, 2005
    • Anthology
    • Language: German and English
    • http://www.mediaartnet.org

      Current discourses of media art in an international context: a book to accompany the online platform »Media Art Net«. A network of curators and writers explore seminal...

  • Cover der Publikation »Beyond Art. A Third Culture«
    • Peter Weibel (Ed.)
    • Beyond Art. A Third Culture
    • Springer, Wien, 2005
    • Anthology
    • Language: English
    • Twentieth-century Austria and Hungary were two nations that made enormous contributions to the sciences and arts: architecture, design, logic, mathematics, physics, positivism, Marxism, sociology, psychoanalysis, optics, biology, cybernetics,...

  • Cover der Publikation »New Screen Media«
    • Martin Rieser and Andrea Zapp (Eds.)
    • New Screen Media
    • British Film Institute, London, 2002
    • Anthology, CD-ROM/DVD
    • Language: English
    • The advent of new media presents a serious challenge to our understanding of visual representation, of narrative and indeed the whole art of the moving image. New narrative forms in hypertext, multimedia, computer games, interactive broadcast and...

  • Cover der Publikation »Future Cinema«
  • Cover der Broschüre: Foto eines Serverraums
    • Infosphäre
    • ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, 2015
    • Exhibition brochure
    • Language: German
  • Cover der Zeitschrift »Kunstforum«: Zwei Personen stehen vor einer Projektion, die Sonnenerruptionen zeigt.
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