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Cover of the publication »Artintact 3«

Artintact 3

CD-ROMagazin interaktiver Kunst / Artist's Interactive CD-ROMagazine

Cover of the publication »Artintact 3«
Cover of the publication »Artintact 3«
Type of publication
Anthology, CD-ROM/DVD
Publishing house, place
Cantz, Ostfildern

»artintact« is an annual CD-ROM magazine in which the ZKM/Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe presents pioneering work in the field of interactive media art. The contributing artists Ken Feingold, Perry Hoberman and George Legrady have won renown with interactive installations at major festivals and exhibitions around the world. ln the book that accompanies the CD-ROM media theorists subject the works to critical scrutiny, while in his preface Peter Weibel discusses the profound changes the role of art is undergoing in the context of electronic media.

German and English
124 p. : ill. + 1 CD-ROM
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media
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