Gary Hill

Full Circle


Werk - Full Circle
Artist / Artist group
Gary Hill
Full Circle
video, Analog video
Material / Technique
U-Matic, color, stereo
Dimensions / Duration
ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien

The artist Gary Hill, who worked as a sculptor until the end of the 1960s, juxtaposes materiality and immateriality in his video work »Full Circle«.

The screen is divided into three parts (split screen), and each part shows the action from a different perspective. At the top left, the light bar transforms into a pulsating circular structure in the electronic equivalent of the humming sound “Ahhh,” which vibrates and pulsates with the sound of the voice raising or lowering. In the upper right you see an electronically distorted black and white video image of the person bending the wire. The lower half of the screen shows a close-up of two hands bending a metal wire into a circle.

In this video, Hill probably works with split screen for the first time, and shows three levels of action at the same time, which formulate a dialogue with each other and between image and sound.

Author: Jenny Starick

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