A listening evening with FM Einheit and Siegfried Zielinski

Sat, April 13, 2024 6 pm CEST

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Ukrainian artist Julia Shamsheieva wins the BBBank Award 2024 with her project »Liberty Enlightening the World«.


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ZKM is closely networked internationally and realizes traveling exhibitions worldwide in cooperation with local partners. Currently, exhibitions are scheduled in France and India.

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    Zheng Guogu, My Teacher, 1993 © Zheng Guogu, Courtesy of the artist and Vitamin Creative Space

    We Are All Fellow Travellers

    We are facing major challenges: Climate change, energy transition, artificial intelligence, pandemics, economic turmoil, and social polarization necessitate a rethink at all levels. The bad news and the good news: We are, on a global scale, all affected and connected. Our common future is at stake. That is why we can only find solutions together.

    With our new program, we want to bring people together: in networks, across geographies and cultures. We go back to the founding idea of the ZKM and invite you all to join us in shaping the world together. With inspiration from art, science, and technology in the context of social perspectives and change.

    We are all »Fellow Travellers«, looking together into an unknown future, a future with technologies and waves of innovation that we cannot even imagine today.

    (A)I Tell You, You Tell Me

    Three Encounters for People and Machines Sat, May 04, 2024 – Sun, Nov 24, 2024 Atrium 1+2, Ground floor

    Artificial intelligence is a major issue of our time, which we not uncommonly react to with skepticism and prejudices. The exhibition slots into the current discourse on AI and offers the opportunity to enter into dialog and exchanges with algorithmic systems.

    By engaging interactively, we can explore intuitively our relationship to technology, question existing prejudices, and reflect on our own self as well as the purported technological »other«.

    To this end, we have commissioned three large-scale artworks:

    »AEIOU« (2024), robotlab »Electrify Me, Baby« (2024), Anne Duk Hee Jordan »Flatware, Hardware, Software, Wetware« (2024), ZKM Hertz-Lab