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Research & Production

The ZKM | Center for Art and Media is more than a museum. It is a site of research, technical development, and artistic production. Here, scientists and artists from across the world find unique conditions that facilitate the realization of theoretical and practical projects and their presentation of these to a broad public.


Research is the foundation for a museum's key tasks: collecting, preserving, and presenting art works. In accordance with its mission, ZKM's research responds to the specific challenges of electronic arts: Staff and guest-scholars, in collaboration with international experts and scientists, dedicate themselves to art-historical and theoretical research in this field, as well as to issues in and around the restoration and long-term preservation of the digital cultural heritage. Furthermore, with the use of contemporary media technologies, new forms for presenting art are tested out.


Unlike classic museums, however, the ZKM is also a site of artistic production. It houses two research institutes – the Institute for Visual Media and the Institute for Music and Acoustics – as well as temporary laboratories, which offer artists, composers, musicians, dancers, and performers the possibility to test out cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with scientists and technical developers. The works of art produced as part of the ZKM | Guest Artist Program have had a decisive influence in the field of media art for decades.

Through international cooperation with other museums, universities, and publishers, the ZKM is not only connected with the most recent developments in art and science, but also sets new thematic focuses that are adopted worldwide.

The results of research, development and production are made accessible to both experts and the general public in the form of exhibitions, concerts, dance, music, theatrical productions, performances, lectures, conferences, workshops, guided-tours, books, DVDs, and online publications.

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