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The ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe is a foundation under public law, and is registered in the Official Journal (GABl.) of the state of Baden-Württemberg under file number 53-7958.50/193/1.

Scientific-Artistic Chairman | CEO: Alistair Hudson
Managing Director | COO: Dr. Helga Huskamp

Regulatory authority: Ministry for Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg
Value Added Tax Identification Number (UID) according to §27a, Value Added Tax Act: DE 143588970


Website Relaunch 2018

  • Project Management ZKM: Stefanie Strigl, Dominika Szope
  • Technical Project Management ZKM: Volker Sommerfeld
  • Project Management Programming: Bärbel Ruschitzka (InTradeSys)
  • Concept: Christiane Riedel, Margit Rosen, Dimitri Samutin, Muriel Schimpfössl, Stefanie Strigl, Dominika Szope
  • Design: Jan Filek, Jan Mendzigall, Jazek Poralla (milkmonkey)
  • Programming: Dominik Henn (InTradeSys), Tobias Rings, Dimitri Samutin (milkmonkey)
  • Editors: Stefanie Strigl (Management), Hanna Hammerich, Alexa Knapp, Clara Runge, Jenny Starick
  • Consulting: Nicolai Schwarz (textformer)
  • Legal Consultant: Prof. Rupert Vogel
  • Collection & Archives: Margit Rosen (Management), Felix Mittelberger, Clara Runge, Caroline Schmidt-Matthiesen, Jenny Starick
  • Video & Audio: Moritz Büchner, Andy Koch, Christina Zartmann

Ongoing editorial website supervision:
The Dept. of Communication and Marketing



The ZKM’s express objective is the accuracy and current relevance of any information it makes available on this web site. Mistakes and ambiguities cannot, however, be fully excluded. For this reason, the ZKM is unable to fully guarantee the current relevance, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information it makes available. The ZKM is not subject to coercible legal rules and regulations and to any kind of damages of a material or immaterial nature that may possibly be caused by the use or non-use of the information provided, including free downloads. The ZKM reserves the right to change or delete, to temporarily or permanently suspend access to the web sites at any time.

The responsibility for »external content« to which access is made, in the form of e.g., links, presupposes, among other things, positive knowledge of illegal or punishable content. The ZKM has no influence on this external content and entirely distances itself from such content. Should the displayed external web site include unlawful or offensive content, the ZKM expressly distances itself from such content. When made knowledgeable of such content, the ZKM will deactivate the corresponding link. The same holds for external entries contained in Blogs and discussion forums, links directories, mailing lists and all other forums of databanks operated by the ZKM, the content of which is rendered possible via write access.

Copyright, Terms and Conditions of Use

The entire content of the present website, (texts, images, videos, audio clips, graphics, logos, etc.), the structure and layout of this website, and any apps, players, or software provided in conjunction with the content are protected by copyright. ZKM | Center for Art and Media holds the rights of use for this content at least to an extent that allows its presentation on this website. This also applies to the reproductions of works of art in the public domain and other texts, sound and visual recordings, etc. for which copyright protection has expired in the course of time. The content provided by ZKM is only intended for individual access by the users of this website and for their own, non-commercial purposes, in compliance with the applicable copyright. 

The content may otherwise only be reproduced and distributed, made publicly accessible on the Internet, and/or used for commercial purposes with the prior consent of ZKM. In particular, the following are not permitted without the prior consent of ZKM: 

• Complete and/or permanent download of live streams/webcasts

• Deactivation and circumvention of technical measures (Art. 95 a German Copyright Act (UrhG))

• Embedding content in third-party offers (with the exception of editorial reportage)

• Use of the content for promotional purposes (e.g., commercial breaks or promotional formats typically used online)

Deep links, in-line links, frame links, and similar links in which the ZKM website is not clearly indicated as the source are only permitted with the consent of ZKM. Notification and reference to the content, »sharing« in social media such as Facebook, and use that is necessarily covered by copyright restrictions are not subject to such consent requirement.

It may also be necessary in individual cases to obtain the consent of copyright collectives, photo agencies, and other rights holders. In case of unauthorized use of content, violators must expect to be legally prosecuted by ZKM and/or third-party rights holders.

Legal validity

The present text entitled »Legal Notice/Rights« that contains the provisions indicated, in particular those regarding the exclusion of liability and copyright protection, is an integral component of the ZKM website and applies to all sub-pages and offers that can be retrieved under the following URL: 

This disclaimer is to be understood as part of the ZKM’s Internet content. In so far as part or single formulations of this text do not, are no longer or are do not entirely correspond to this legal provision, the remaining parts of this document remain unaffected in its content and validity.

On the privacy notice of the ZKM website.

Status on of January 21, 2021.