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Alex McLean
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perl script computer code with paper output

»« is a piece of code alongside a series of outputs on paper. A forkbomb is a computer process that follows a simple procedure, initiating further procedures in sequence and simultaneously until the computer system is overwhelmed and crashes. Forkbombs are well known among programmers, who sometimes create them by accident. Equally, writing an elegant and efficient forkbomb code is a respected art. Although it is a short, ten-line Perl script code, Alex McLean’s code (shown) creates an unusually complex forkbomb. When executed it gradually overloads and disables the computer system, printing out a series of 0s and 1s that, through pattern, visualize the state of the system during its descent into disorder. Different systems create different patterns when under strain.

The documentation of the project is available online.
The full script itself can be found here.
The code itself is released under this license.