Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform (AMP)


The installation »Spacecraft_ZKM« consisting of a stage scaffold and chairs.


Medium / Material / Technic


Yasmine Abbas and DK Osseo-Asare are cofounders of the »Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform (AMP)«, a youth-driven community-based project to (re-)couple the practical know-how of makers in the informal sector with the technical knowledge of students and young professionals in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. 

Made in Ghana by a grassroots group of makers and shipped from AMP’s first makers hub in Accra’s Agbogbloshie scrapyard, the spacecraft, stationed at ZKM during the exhibition Digital Imaginaries, has now landed in the center of Karlsruhe within the Seasons of Media Arts framework. 

The alternative architecture of Spacecraft_ZKM – a low-cost, open-source, and small-scale capsule – operates as an open arena to provide makers and the broader public with means to work together and exchange knowledge. It is an urban mining platform aimed at more sustainable recycling of information technology equipment. 

Several lectures, talks, and hands-on workshops will be offered at the Spacecraft_ZKM weekly, including a workshop on building a DIY particulate matter sensor and following fine-dust measurements in Karlsruhe, as well as »data labs« for creating data evaluations from the city’s transparency portal.