Daniel Heiss

Flick KA AI


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Werk - Flick KA AI
Artist / Artist group
Daniel Heiss
Flick KA AI
computer-generated, installation, video
Material / Technique
4 flat screens, website, program: Generative Adversarial Network based on StyleGAN, programming language: Python 3.6
ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien

In the future, it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish computer-generated images from photographic images. The photo booth FLICK_KA, which is installed in the foyer of the ZKM, collected photos of over 50,000 visitors for ten years. Their portraits served as training data for the algorithm that generates completely artificial "photographs" using the combined characteristics of all the people photographed.

The work shows the photographs and the artificially generated images indiscriminately side by side and asks the question: Who was born? Who was generated? The answer is displayed after a few seconds. The viewers experience that they are not able to distinguish with certainty between the real persons and the artificially generated ones.

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