Timo Kahlen, Ian Andrews

Sound Drift


Werk - Sound Drift
Artist / Artist group
Timo Kahlen, Ian Andrews
Sound Drift
Edition / Serial number
installation, computer-based
Material / Technique
ZKM | Center for Art and Media

»Sound Drift« (2005) allows the viewer to meander through a series of exhibition spaces that contain floating, drifting, interactive ‘clouds’ filled with the pulsing, twittering, hissing, dirty static noise of interfering radio waves. Each of the interactive ‘clouds’ - when clicked at - leads to one of the next rooms. Conceived as a site-specific work for the gallery space at the Ruine der Künste Berlin - roughly re-modelled by Kahlen from recycled cardboard and photographed, then embedded with Andrews’ complex sound and graphic clusters in Sydney, and re-transferred to the exhibition space in Berlin, via internet and modem - and simultaneously published online as a generative work of net art, »Sound Drift« shows the transparent volume of air of the assumingly ‘empty’ exhibition space to be already full of information, full of data and sound. The interactive work is generated - always different and live - as the viewer‘s mouse cursor navigates across, pauses or clicks at the responsive surface of the visual projections.

Author: Timo Kahlen

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