Critical Zones Streamingfestival

The Opening Weekend via Livestream

Fri, 22.05.2020 – Sun, 24.05.2020

Virtual Opening and Streaming Festival: Critical Zones

The exhibition »Critical Zones – Observatories for Earthly Politics« is about the critical situation of the Earth. Due to the Coronavirus it is also taking place at a critical time. A new Earth policy also requires a new exhibition policy: We are broadcasting!

On May 22, 2020, from 6 pm, the exhibition opened with a Streaming Festival lasting several days and spanning the weekend of May 22–24, 2020. The program consisted of streamed guided tours through the virtual spaces as well as through the real, but not publicly accessible exhibition, and included interviews and lectures.

Sat, 23.05.2020 – Sun, 09.01.2022

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Fri, 22.05.2020 – Sun, 24.05.2020

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Project Team

Peter Weibel

Dominika Szope, Barbara Kiolbassa, Anett Holzheid, Peter Weibel

Production Lead
Desiree Weiler

Technical Project Management and Direction
Moritz Büchner

Philipp Kaminski

Image Mixing
Andy Koch

Christina Zartmann, Xenia Leidig, Jonas Denzel

Peter Müller, Clara Runge, Tobias Klingenmayer

Video Clip Production, Lead
Christina Zartmann

Andy Koch, Xenia Leidig, Peter Müller, Christina Zartmann

Drone Shots
Moritz Büchner

Editorial Team
Lena Becker, Adamantia Goulandris, Friederike Hommel, Sabine Jäger, Alexa Knapp, Adrian Koop, jointly with Bettina Korintenberg (Curator), Daria Mille (Curatorial Advisory Board Member), Jessica Menger (Curatorial Assistance) and Luzia Marek (Curator)

BadenDolmetscher (Sonja Willner, Inga Schifferdecker; Interpreting Technology: Sebastian Simme)

Viola Gaiser, Desiree Weiler, Wolfgang Knapp, Manuel Weber

Museum Technicians
Marco Preitschopf, Marc Schütze

Building Technology
Manfred Hahn, Peter Kuhn

Uwe Faber, Volker Sommerfeld, Joachim Schütze

Banu Beyer, Regine Frisch, Ayten Kurt with Mint Karlsruhe (Katja Bockmüller, Andreas Sachsse) 

Paula Kropp

Felix Grünschloss, Elias Siebert

»Moving Earths«
Andreas Brehmer