Digital Education and Participation

The digital communication of art and knowledge takes place at the ZKM on several levels, both on-site and online.

A broad access and sustainable knowledge acquisition should be made possible, therefore we focus on Open Data, because we are of the opinion that freely usable data does not only lead to more transparency and cooperation but also to more knowledge. (The ZKM has been a member of OGP AG Kultur since 2017). In this context, for example, private photographs can be taken in the exhibitions of the ZKM and the results can also be used online for private purposes.

The ZKM website thus contains in-depth structured data, including a wide range of video material ranging from documentation of works, interviews and conferences to advertising trailers for exhibitions. Numerous ZKM archives and associated databases provide high-quality data for long-term use and can thus promote education and training.

Digital switching on site

From a pedagogical and didactic point of view, numerous on-site programs contribute to digital communication: Workshops with offerings ranging from digital photography, image editing, animated film production, video editing, radio play production, composition of computer music and video clips to programming your own computer games and Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots. A connected own workshop, a maker space, makes it possible to work with current developments such as Calliope.

The pedagogical mediation also extends into the digital space here, when, for example, an art-scientific contextualization and an online mediation program are offered for artistic productions in the program »Art on your screen« (AOYS). 


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