Digital Strategy of the ZKM

Installation view »The World as a Field of Data«

Oriented towards the current development of society, we are treading new participative paths for and with our visitors, developing new formats and new approaches to art and culture.

Our digital understanding includes acting on site as well as in virtual space and a natural and reflected use of digital tools.

The aim is to locate »digital cultural techniques« in everyday life in the 21st century and to promote critical thinking.
The basis for this within the ZKM institution is the inclusion of all areas of work and openness to a variety of individual initiatives that go hand in hand with agile working methods and project-oriented work by ZKM staff.  

The digital strategy encompasses content and forms of artistic production, the communication of artistic content and background knowledge, scientific research and the further development of technological applications.

With its digital strategy, the ZKM aims to: 

  • enrich the experience of art in the 21st century,
  • bring closer the understanding of the necessity of art and culture in an increasingly digitized, sometimes digitally capitalistic world,
  • promote the individual examination of digital technologies, their effects and possibilities on site,
  • encourage visitors to engage in reflective interaction in virtual space and deepen their knowledge,
  • reach people who have had little opportunity or occasion to engage with art and culture and to enable them to interact with the institution.

The digital strategy of the ZKM comprises the areas of digital artistic production, exhibitions and events on digital themes, digital displays, digital mediation, digital publishing, the collection and preservation of digital cultural heritage, awards for digital art forms, digital organization.