Sylvie Fleury. 49000 (Opening)
Fri, June 01, 2001 6 pm CEST, Opening

An exhibition entitled »Sylvie Fleury : 49000« opened Friday, June 1st at 6 p.m. at ZKM’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Geneva artist Sylvie Fleury (born in 1961) is known for her presentations of modern glamour, fashion and luxury consumer items. At first glance, her works may appear to strongly validate the values of consumerism. A closer look, however, reveals Fleury’s subtle commentaries on the attractive images. She uses the brand logos as a means to focus on the human longings and ideals that have become marketable commodities associated with them. The exhibition of over 60 works includes some "classics" from the 90’s, but consists for the most part of works completed in the past two years. Among these are some ensembles specifically designed for this museum.

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