Descartes’ Dream
Sat, February 08, 2003 8 pm CET, Panel Discussion

The recent release of the audio-CD »Descartes’ Traum«, is the reason for the panel discussion of producer Nils Röller (media theorist), Klaus Sander (producer and publisher/, and Jan St. Werner (musician/ Mouse on Mars, Microstoria, Lithops, together with Otto E.Rössler, professor for theoretical chemistry at the Univeristy of Tübingen.

Chaos researcher Otto Rössler, whose sixtieth birthday was honored in May 2000 at the ZKM with an international symposium dealing with the topic Interface, is an authority in the field of theoretic chemistry and a magical storyteller, who knows how to infect his listeners with excitement. The discoverer of the Rössler-Attractor, named after him, he considers science both an important task and at the same time a game; he is fond of brain equations as well as the theory of human rights. During the discussion Rösslers central themes will be explored; quantum worlds, about the infinite power of standingon the outside, Heraclitus’ joystick, Descartes’ dream, micro-relativity, consciousness, chaos without character and the wonder of the now. A preview will be given of further mutual projects such as the theory of the smile and Lampsacus, the plan for a multi-cultural minority society.