Z_KinoMittwoch. David Cronenberg: eXistenZ
Wed, 30.04.2003, 8.30 pm CEST

by David Cronenberg, CDN 1999, 91 min

»eXistenZ« is the latest creation by the computer game brain Allegra Geller. Whoever plays is submersed in a fictional world so realistic that even before the game’s release opposing groups are already being formed to try and prevent distribution of the devilish program. Despite being shot by one of her opponents during the first test run, Allegra does not break off testing the software. Together with a bodyguard she re-enters the game and thus into a fantastic world beyond fiction and reality, in which observer and protagonist alike can easily lose their way. David Cronenberg is considered to be a genius when it comes to gloomy sci-fi thrillers. »eXistenZ« won him a Silver Bear for special artistic achievement at the 1999 Berlin Film Festival.