Z_KinoMittwoch. D.W. Griffith, Peter Richardson
D.W. Griffith: Corner in Wheat / Peter Richardson: Eat the Rich
Wed, May 28, 2003 8.30 pm CEST, Film Screening

»Corner in Wheat«, by D.W. Griffith, USA 2001 [short film]

As pioneer of US cinema, Griffith confronts the misery of the wheat farmers and proletarians, in this classic piece of film art, with the luxury of the new wheat speculators.

»Eat the Rich«, by Peter Richardson, USA 1986, 88 min.

Arrogance and presumption are the ruin of rich yuppies and members of the English upper class. Four underdogs seize a noble London restaurant and establish a cannibalistic food chain: The rich eat the rich. A Soviet double agent joins the revenge on Thatcher’s neo-capitalists and targets an English Minister of the Interior.

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