Z_KinoMittwoch. Hans Scheugl : EXPANDED CINEMA
Wed, 07.05.2003, 7 pm CEST

Filmmaker and author, Hans Scheugl, presents his newly published book: »Erweitertes Kino. Die Wiener Filme der 60er Jahre« [Expanded cinema. Viennese films of the 1960s]. Afterwards he will be screening two programs with films from the 1950s and '60s with an introduction on both. The films offer an overview of the formal radicalization of the avant-garde movement in Austria, in dialog with cultural and political developments of the day. As a consequence of its break with a linear narrative, the film is divided up into its structural and material components, and then defined anew. The lively anarchic treatment and handling of the film ranges from the at times close co-operation with Viennese activists Mühl and Brus all the way to ‘Expanded Cinema’, in which the media of film is itself is questioned.

Program 1 and 2 include films by: Peter Kubelka, Kurt Kren, Marc Adrian, Ferry Radax, Ernst Schmidt jr., Hans Scheugl, Peter Weibel, Otto Mühl.