Amodal Suspension. Relational Architecture 8, 2003 (Opening)
Sat, November 01, 2003 10 am CET, Opening

Amodal Suspension creates an interactive data network with light sequences, a data cloud hovering over a city, a gigantic communication switchboard. The installation serves as a platform which can create new and spontaneous relations between persons on site and participants from partner locations worldwide who can interact through so-called »access pods«.

Conceived by Mexican artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer for the opening of Yamaguchi Center for Art and Media [YCAM] in Japan, Amodal Suspension opens on November 1, 7 pm local time [10 am in Karlsruhe] with a live message of the astronauts at the International Spacestation ISS. At ZKM, the work will be shown as a live transmission and station.

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