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Thu, November 27, 2003 7:00 pm CET

Media Theater

»The duality of cultures is neutralised by the ambivalence of perception«, says Gerhard Mack writing in Gentle Bridges: Architecture, Art and Science about the artist, George Steinmann, whose exhortation to artists is: »Join in, don’t just react«. George Steinmann is an artist who joins in. For instance, in the architectural plans of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics and with a monumental video projection entitled »Metalog«, in which he generates interaction between architecture, art and science. 

In his lecture Steinmann discusses the potential of trans-disciplinary artistic work and contemporary art strategies in conjunction with the 21st century »sustainable development« project. The point of departure is provided by three of the artist’s works in Estonia, the Republic of Komi and Dresden. All three of these works illustrate a form of art that focuses on the networking of communicative relationships, establishes relations between the form and content of knowledge and integrates art in the responsibility for a viable future. »We are confronted with a spectacular shift in perception, with a new image of the world, in which art is trying to find its place« (quote George Steinmann).

George Steinmann (b. 1950) is an artist and musician who lives in Bern. He studied painting, music and Afro-American Studies in Bern, Basel, Helsinki and San Francisco. Since 1979 Steinmann has devised and supported numerous trans-disciplinary projects, performances and exhibitions. He is a winner of the Meret Oppenheim Art Prize, which is awarded by the Federal Office of Culture in Switzerland.

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