Citizen Animal
For an Improved Parliamentarism
Sat, January 15, 2005 , Symposium
The symposium ”Citizen Animal. For an improved Parliamentarism” concentrates itself to the problem of the relationship between the animal world and the human rights. Among the guests are internationally famous scientists, historians, philosophers, jurists, and writers invited to discuss the change in our attitudes towards an improved and extended theory of human rights. Although these questions aren’t necessarily new in themselves, the purpose is to discuss and rethink them to a higher degree of relevance and actuality.

Animal Ethics in the Legal Rights System

Can industrial mass production and the unlimited use of animals to help maintain and feed, for research and entertainment purposes still be considered responsible behaviour? What can philosophical/theological positions on animal ethics achieve with regard to treatment of animals? What justification behind forms of representation and communication exist compared with the international situation of animal rights? On facing this changed horizon of problems, the criteria of the value of animal life must be altered and rethought wholesale in its relation to the interests and legal systems of the human sphere. Therefore the symposium strikes out new perspectives in a discussion that has already continued for decades, on the concretisation of animal rights in modern society.

This event is sponsored by the City of Karlsruhe and is a part of the series ”By Rights. Karlsruhe, A Platform for Discussing the System of Rights as the Common Cultural Property of a Society.” As part of this, Karlsruhe invites experts to discuss these themes in different symposiums on shared values in Europe.

Invited guests include

Jan Assmann
Martin Balluch
Bazon Brock
Walter Burkert
Iso Camartin
Vinciane Despret
Elisabeth de Fontenay
Durs Grunbein
Wilfried Jores
Friedrich Kittler
Eisenhart von Loeper
Thomas Macho
Hanna Rheinz
Thelma Rowell
Goetz Schmidt
Peter Sloterdijk
Dirk Stegen
Jakob Tanner
Peter Weibel
Organization / Institution

Stadt Karlsruhe