Symposium: Media Art Net Lectures 2
Cover of the publication »Medien Kunst Netz«
Thematic Fields and Discursive Connections
Fri, February 25, 2005 2 pm CET, Symposium


Inke Arns (Berlin), Dieter Daniels (Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig) Steve Dietz (Minneapolis), Rudolf Frieling (ZKM, Karlsruhe), Claudia Giannetti (MECAD, Barcelona), Susanne Holschbach (Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig), Tjark Ihmels / Julia Riedel (Institute for Media Design, University of Applied Sciences, Mainz) , Gregor Stemmrich (College of Art, Dresden), Yvonne Volkart (School of Art and Design, Zurich) and as guest of honour, Jasia Reichardt (London)
The conference languages are German and English.

Following on the kick-off meeting on the issue of 'Mapping' at the ZKM in January 2004 the publishers and the curators involved now present the outcome of an over three-year production process. provides a freely accessible, comprehensive range of texts, images, sounds, films, codes and diagrams that aims to set standards in the communication of media art. This aspiration to make highly qualified content permanently available on the net is in line with the reception behaviour of a new 'Google generation'. The conclusion drawn by Rudolf Frieling (project manager, ZKM) and Dieter Daniels (co-publisher, Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts), is that contexts can only be established and adequately presented in the form of networks. This is reflected in the net-book publication strategy. While Volume 1 provided a Survey of Media Art, Volume 2 now focuses on the Main Thematic Areas, covering the entire spectrum of the current discourse between the media and the arts. The seven additional thematic modules were devised by independent individual teams of curators who will present their concepts personally at the ZKM.

The symposium at the ZKM examines the discursive and dynamic perspectives for the production of content for Internet portals and it includes lectures on the 'Aesthetics of the Digital', 'Image-Sound Relations', 'Cyborg Bodies', 'Photo/Byte', 'Generative Tools', 'Art and Cinematography', 'Mapping and Text' and 'Public Sphere_s'. Commissioned by the Goethe Institute and the ZKM, Media Art Net is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
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