Bedlam – Pentalog for 5 Projections
Fri, 18.03.2005, 3 pm CET – Sun, 20.03.2005, 6 pm CET
»Bedlam« was originally the name for the insane asylum in medieval England and today has become a synonym for tangled, chaotic states. The work from Robert Darroll (animation) and Sean Reed (music), based on a theater piece by Darroll, involves five performers planning their joint escape from Bedlam. Because each of the actors interprets the conversation differently, they constantly talk past each other and remain stuck in the exact same spot. In their ca. 30-minute audio visual installation, which can be seen in the Cube in an endless loop, the actors achieve an impressive use of metaphor. Conclusion: objective reality is an impossibility.

»Bedlam« is a commission from the ZKM to the winners of the competition »Hören und Sehen« 2004 of the INMM Institut für Musik und Musikerziehung Darmstadt.
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