Discussion Group Media and Communication
Wed, April 06, 2005 6 pm CEST, Panel Discussion
The Fritz-Erler forum of Baden-Württemberg, state office of the Friedrich-Ebert foundation, invites you to a discussion group on media and communication. Business owners, managers, technicians, and politicians will identify media society’s scientific, technical, and economic bases and development. The exchange of ideas is meant to take place outside of the confrontations of party and group politics.

On 6 April, first in the framework of a podium discussion, and then in exchange with the audience, we would like to discuss: How much broadband does Baden-Württemberg need? At issue here is the significance of cable in the competition of all conceivable means of transmission. Is the further expansion of broadband technology desirable for the end-user, necessary for the economy and, especially in rural regions, the basis for competition? Is that much cable even financially viable? Is the market able to absorb the multitude of possible services and content?


Georg Hofer [Heidelberg]
Manager of Cable Baden-Württemberg GmbH & Co
Michael Mangold [Karlsruhe]
Head of the ZKM_Institute for media and economics

Dr. Frank Schmidt [Bonn]
Head of regulation, T-Com Zentrale

Jörg Tauss MdB [Karlsruhe]
Educational and research policy spokesperson of the SPD in the Bundestag

Helmut Wagner [Sternenfels]
Mayor of Sternenfels

N.N. [South Korea]
Company representative


Birgit Kiper MdL

Event manager

Dr. Christine Arbogast
Friedrich-Ebert foundation, Fritz-Erler forum, Baden-Württemberg
Organization / Institution
Fritz-Erler-Forum Baden-Württemberg