ARD Radio Play Days 2006
Radio-Play-Fun for the Entire Family
Sun, 12.11.2006, 9 am CET

The ARD radio-play days will, of course, have all kinds of programs for children and teens. The latest ARD radio-plays for children will be presented on Thursday (9 November) and Friday (10 November). At the DASDING radio workshop, young radio enthusiasts can play at being a reporter for two days. On Sunday, (12 November) the whole day will be devoted to the ARD children’s radio-play day. Along with presentations of competition works for the German children’s radio play award and the City of Karlsruhe’s award for children’s radio-plays, children will have ample opportunity to play and participate –from an exciting sound hunt across the radio-play workshop SWR2 Dschungel-Tour and the hr2-Domino-Spielbox-Show through to the exciting ZKM workshops with Theremin-ghost organs and »Small Fish«. The WDR Bear, the RBB ear-bear stories will be there for the youngest visitors. The highlight of the day is at 2 p.m. when the large stage in the atrium of the Hochschule für Gestaltung trembles with a live-orchestra radio-play. Oscar Wilde’s famous »Canterville Ghost« tries to impress the Otis’s, an American family, with its haunting sounds of ghosts and chains. But the Otis family turns out to be entirely oblivious to the scary tactics.

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