Computer-mediated Communication as innovation
Fri, November 03, 2006 – Sat, November 04, 2006, Symposium
The constitutive meeting for the DGPuK section »Computer-mediated communication« (CvK) was held in 1996. In collaboration with ZKM | Institute for Media, Education, and Economy, the section will take the opportunity on the occasion of its tenth anniversary to look back at the history of the CvK and look forward to future developments, and also discuss current research contributions.
Computer-mediated communication encompasses all forms of interpersonal, group-related, and public communication that occur offline or online across computer networks and digital end devices. Special focus is given to information and communication processes in the Internet. An overall theme of CvK’s research is the analysis of economic, technical, and social convergence processes promoted by the digitization of communication and new social software applications.

The three key themes of this professional conference are: innovation and media development, social networking (political and cultural aspects of CvK), and CvK research methods.
Participants include:
Dr. Michael Friedewald, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI), Department of New Technologies
Daryl Lindsey, Head of the Department Spiegel International,
Michael Mangold, ZKM | Institute for Media, Education, and Economics
Margit Rosen, German Research Foundation, Research Training Group: Image–body–medium
Prof. Dr. Gerd Vowe, Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf
Organization / Institution

DGPuK-Fachgruppe »Computervermittelte Kommunikation«