A Scientific Time Travel
Sun, December 10, 2006 8 pm CET, Concert
Concert for strings, live electronics, and video
by Frank Halbig with the Helios StreichQuartett

Detailed statements about the history of the earth’s climatic changes can be made based on ice core drillings from Antarctica: the data extracted from the EPICA ice core drillings comprise 750 years of climatic history.
»Antarktika« is the attempt to realize these climatic changes in a composition: A work for strings has emerged based on the data, which in its temporal progression reflects the climatic development of our planet. Additionally, the data generate the background for a video projection shown along with the concert. At a second level, the history of the gradual discovery of the Antarctic, the difficulty in reaching this inhospitable part of Earth and the fantasies that are tied with it, form a cultural-historical approach in »Antarktika«.
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